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Louisville, KY


Kentuckiana's premier mobile rock climbing wall company offering not only a mobile climbing wall rental but also an upscale climbing experience. We are located in Louisville, KY. 


Elemental Climbing Club | Rock Climbing Louisville | Jeremiah Richtofen

Graphic Designer and Photography Guru, photo album creator, mustache rocker. Did we mention he also climbs rocks?

Jeremiah Aloysius is a transplant from Louisiana that brought his cranking abilities to Louisville in the last year and a half. Jeremy is what I refer to as "perma-stoked," and is someone who is always ecstatic to talk about, engage in, or have anything to do with rock climbing. Whether he's putting up a new route at the gym, or taking burns on his project at the gorge, nothing deters his excitement. He is also a great ambassador for the sport, someone who is never afraid to approach new climbers and help guide them along the way. Even if that means spending the entire day climbing routes well below his abilities at the gorge, Jeremy continues to try to build the climbing community by fostering strong relationships among climbers.

Don't let his unassuming nature fool you, however, Jeremy is a crusher. At 5'7" Jeremy has become a very powerful boulderer because of the strength he has developed to keep up with taller climbing partners. He is also an extremely ambitious climber, who sets lofty goals for himself and trains hard to accomplish them. His 2013 goal was to climb 5.12, and his 2014 goal is to climb 5.13! He is eager to progress and continue to grow as a climber. When not climbing, Jeremy is also a very gifted graphic designer, and works for a print shop here in town. You can usually find him at Sergio's World Beers, or at Rocksport cranking on the gym's hardest boulder problems. Jeremy is right on the cusp of breaking into 5.12, and climbs V5/6 boulders.